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A Guide to Relocating Mature Trees

When preparing to clear a site for development, it is often the case that a few mature trees have to be removed, and this does not automatically mean the trees must be destroyed. By consulting with an experienced arborist, it is often possible to relocate a tree in its advanced state, which is much more preferable to destroying the tree.

A Professional Assessment

Obviously, there are costs involved when relocating a mature tree, and it is wise to ask an experienced arborist to assess the overall health of the tree, as some trees do not survive the relocation. Prior to making any decisions, call in a local tree clearance specialist and ask him what he thinks. If, in his opinion, the tree won’t survive the transplant process, it would be wise to reconsider and have the tree felled and the roots removed.

Taking Care of the Root Ball

The root ball is the collection of roots that come with the tree, and these should be protected during the transfer, and preferable kept wet and out of the sun. It is worth noting that the soil composition at the new site should be similar to the soil the tree was grown in, which improves the tree’s chances of surviving the move.

If you consult with a qualified arborist and he thinks the tree would survive the relocation, you can ask local tree specialists to quote for the project, but do make sure they have the relevant experience in relocating mature trees.

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