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Greenway Water Dispenser – General Information

Greenway Water Dispenser is carefully engineered to provide you with many years of enjoyment and trouble-free operation. This water dispenser easily converts from the countertop dispenser to some full-sized by attaching the bottom. To put it simply the dispenser on the top from the support, ensuring to set up the rubber stops at the base from the dispenser using the holes on top of the bottom.

Often a Greenway Dispenser has these things:

* Bottle support collar

* Ready-To-Dispense indicator lights: Red: “flashing” Heater is within operation “on” and also the warm water has arrived at its finest temperature and it is ready for dispensing Blue: “on” and therefore the awesome water, has arrived at its optimum temperature and it is ready for dispensing

* Brought night-light

* Child proof safety switch

* EZ-heat activation button

* 70 degrees water push button

* Adjustable cold water thermostat (rear of machine).

* Cold water push button

* Drain valve (back of machine)

* Removable drip tray

* Warm water push button

* Condenser coils (rear of machine)

* Cold-water power switches (rear of machine).

Important safeguards when utilizing Greenway Dispenser are:

* Never turn the dispenser upside lower or tilt greater than 45 levels. When the device has rested on its side for any large period, place the water dispenser within the standing position for roughly 12 hrs before activating.

* To be used with three or five gallon (12 or 19 liter) water bottles and many filtration, (not incorporated).

* Never use every other liquid within the dispenser apart from known and microbiological safe canned water.

* Never let children to provide out warm water without any appropriate and direct supervision.

* Never make use of this dispenser with water that’s unsafe to consume or perhaps is from your unknown source.

* This water cooler is outfitted having a grounded cord plug for the safety. Plug it just right into a grounded outlet. Don’t use extra time cord together with your water cooler.

* Never place anything inflammable close to the dispenser.

* Keep your water dispenser inside a dry place from straight sunlight.

* Always install water cooler on an amount floor or counter. Hold off 3 minutes before restarting machine after shutting lower.

* Always unplug water dispenser before cleaning or servicing.

* Leave no less than 2″ (5 cm) round the back and sides from the dispenser for correct ventilation.

* Regular cleaning of the water dispenser is obligatory for that warranty.

Follow cleaning instructions outlined within this manual and clean the dispenser every 4 several weeks. To prevent water spill over when cleaning your dispenser, constantly take away the bottle support collar before flowing water or cleaning solution in to the reservoir.

When addressing the most important issue of your home water purification that removes completely away from all known toxic chemicals in their drinking water. However, many home water dispenser filter only chlorine, bad smell and bad taste.

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