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Reasons to Know Why Your Drinking Water Should Have Minerals

Drinking water is an important part of our daily routine. We cannot even live a day without drinking water. However, do you know whether the water you are drinking is pure? You should always know about the purity of the drinking water. Contaminated or mineral less water can cause health risk and deficiencies so it is really important that our drinking water is highly safe to drink. Many times, to clean up water we put chlorine to make it clean but they remove minerals from water too and make it of no use.

You can find good water purifiers that kills the germs in the water and also preserve the minerals, and hence make it healthier for drinking. Make sure you go for the mist water filter technology, as it provides you with the best water purification, while preserving the essential minerals at the same time .

You must deal with sellers who provide proper maintenance services, so that your purifiers will work well at all time. Water purifiers are of different features, so you will need to choose the ones according to your specific needs.

Things to Know About the Minerals

  • Minerals Found in Your Drinking Water – The most common and helpful minerals to be found in the water is Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and lithium. Calcium is a mineral that keeps our bones strong. So, calcium should be present in your water for healthy bones. The reason behind a good and improved immune system is the presence of magnesium in water. Magnesium also helps to relax the muscles. Our body needs Sodium but excess of sodium in the body can cause diseases like hypertension.

  • Adding Minerals – Minerals get into water through the soil. Water has many sources. It comes from ground, snow hills and rivers. Water that reaches you directly from the snow has no minerals in it. Only if the source of water is from the soil, then you will find minerals as there are many things buried in the soil that contains many minerals. Your water may contain minerals more than it is needed so you need to purify it. This way, water will contain only the required amount of mineral in it.
  • What about R. O. – We are well aware of the fact that reverse osmosis is the best method to purify water. However, the only disadvantage of this method is that minerals are removed from water which is not good. As the pores are quite small only pure water molecules can pass out and minerals are left behind because they are big. Not all purifiers are the same but you should always buy one that preserves minerals in water.

It is advised to drink only mineral water as it is safe and supports your body completely. Even if modest amount of minerals is present in drinking water, it will be quite beneficial for your health. Presence of minerals can be hard on the plumbing systems, so often water softening system is used to remove the minerals from it.

Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water as it will keep you healthy!

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